Professional Content Marketing Consultants

As expert content marketers, we create and strategically promote content across a variety of marketing channels to attract customers, earn referrals, and build links. We help our clients create appealing content of all types, including:

  • Website content fully search engine optimized and written following the guidance of leading UX research such as NNGroup's Writing for the Web. Common requests include service pages and service area pages.
  • Blog posts, optimized for social sharing, search engines, readability, virality, and stickiness.
  • Press releases for syndication through a wide network of news stations, magazines, and influencers.
  • Research articles and whitepapers that contain invaluable information based on first-party data and reliable sources.
  • Pamphlets, brochures, and eBooks that both promote information and sell products and services.
  • Social media posts that attract and engage the right audience in value-driving ways.
  • Product descriptions that are informative, convincing, and keyword optimized to ensure they are findable via popular search engines.
  • Newsletters complete with eye-catching subject lines and content designed to prompt user action.

Lead-Generating Content Marketing Services

As expert content marketers, we track user interactions, including calls, emails, form submissions, purchases, and social mentions. More importantly, we use this information to build comprehensive performance reports. Not only are these reports helpful to our clients, but we also use them to optimize content and avoid costly mistakes.

Explore your brand's voice across different channels and through constant experimentation with the help of Bewildering. We can help you understand and use your cost-per-lead to navigate marketing channels effectively and thus improve your bottom line.

Multi-Purposed Content Marketing Services

Our team specializes in creating content with multiple purposes in mind. We break apart, repurpose, and optimize existing content frequently.

A presentation slide deck, for example, will often get published online through sites like, earning reputable backlinks. It may also get shared via a blog post, which in turn gets shared on social media.

A video of the presentation may get published on YouTube and shared on social media as well. By converting the presentation into an audio clip, it can also be shared via podcast networks.

Such multichannel marketing helps us to expand your marketing reach, improve your organic search ranking, and increase customers and sales numbers.

Content Marketing Pricing & Packages

The average price-per-word for our written content is approximately 14 cents. For example, a 650-word web page describing a product or service will typically cost about $91. We can provide you with a free accurate quote upon request.

The price of our graphic design services varies greatly and depends entirely on the time we expect the project to take and whether images require simple editing or custom illustrations from scratch. The average price for a custom image is $95. A complete set of Google display ads in various sizes will typically cost about $250. Images requiring basic editing may cost as low as $25.

We treat each content request as a standalone project, billing up-front and completing each one before the next. The price of each project depends on four key factors:

  • The channel and medium
  • The research required
  • The sensitivity of the topic
  • The time investment required

Get up to 15% off all content when you purchase content in bulk or as a part of a monthly service plan or in combination with another service we offer.

Sensible Content Marketing Solutions

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