You Can Now Advertise Across All Google's Properties with One Campaign

That's right, Google Ads now offers one campaign type to rule them all. Google Ads first tested Performance Max campaigns back in 2020. The idea of this campaign was to allow users to advertise across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps from a single campaign. Not only do the ads show on all Google's properties, but they also display ads in new formats not yet available through standard campaigns.

This campaign has long since been in the making. Now that images and used throughout all of Google's properties including search, it's not exactly a surprise that this is an option.

Who Might Performance Max Campaigns Be Useful For?

As with other types of visual campaigns, we suspect Performance Max campaigns will perform best for businesses with physical products, where services have set prices, or for bold and visually enticing brands. Discounts, special offers, and visually or emotionally stimulated ads will undoubtably perform best. We expect it will perform especially well for:

  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Software & Technology

What do we think?

A generally accepted best practice in digital marketing is to avoid mixing display campaigns with search campaigns. While this practice allows for greater control and faster analysis of campaign performance, it can also act as a barrier for experimentation. Google boasts some pretty amazing results and that shouldn't be discarded. Our recommendation is to experiment and share your acquired insights with others.

We will be experimenting with Performance Max campaigns alongside standard search campaigns and will post results once we have them so others can make informed decisions.

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