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BC Small Business Grant for Websites & Marketing

We are elated to inform you that the BC Government has extended their Launch Online Grant BC program. Initiated to help online entrepreneurs and business owners transition their business online, this grant program is making waves in the small business community.

E-commerce is on a constant rise thanks to the advancement in technology. Online sales in Canada for 2019 were recorded at a whopping $305 million, and the numbers are expected to increase exponentially in 2021. Customers are demanding more from businesses through this medium, and the present pandemic situation has made it even more imperative to have an online store. In the words of Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation, “businesses need access to tools and supports that will help them adapt and pivot during this uniquely challenging time.”

As a part of StrongerBC, an economic recovery initiative, the B.C. government is running a grant program to provide the much-needed boost for businesses online.

What Is The Launch Online Grant Program?

The Launch Online Grant Program is a $12 million monetary grant sponsored by the British Columbia government. It is a solution put in place to help 1,500 lucky, small, and medium-scale B.C. online businesses financially.

Grant winners will be awarded up to $7,500 in cash to improve the quality of their online services in a variety of ways. The Launch Online Grant can help in creating a better online inventory for the company. It can make up for digital advertising costs, subscription costs, training qualified staff to upgrade and manage the website, or handling other important online expenses.

Who Can Benefit From The Grant?

The program will benefit SMEs aiming to launch out in the virtual space. In addition, it will also help those with an already established online platform to upgrade their services and better market their products.

This grant is geared primarily towards the growth of online businesses within the British Columbia area. However, the BC government has stated that 25% of the funds would be reserved for indigenous and regional companies.

It offers a way forward not only for businesses in the hard-hit sectors but also for those willing to expand to regional, national and international audiences.

Increase Your Chances of Growing Your Business

Benefitting from this online grant is assured only when you go about it the right way. Luckily, we offer professional services to assist you through the entire process.

We can help you compile the best application to increase your chances of being accepted. We offer consultancy services to develop your grant proposal, ensuring that all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. Sadly, however, we cannot offer you any guarantees. That said, we do not require you to commit to our services nor do we charge you for our assistance in applying to this grant.

If your grant is approved, we are happy to assist you in putting your funds to work if you want our assistance. As experts that are qualified in digital marketing, website development, and training services, we can help you use the Launch Online Grant in the most productive way.

Applications Are Still Open!

Grant applications are still open to all interested participants who fulfill the eligibility criteria. The program will run until September 30th, 2021, but it may come to an end earlier if the funds are completely distributed. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply now to secure a spot.

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