Apply for Sponsorship

Are you a streamer? Do you run an E-Sports team or a Large Community? Request a sponsorship for a free or discounted server today.

  • Get a free or discounted server for all your gaming needs
  • Get access to exclusive promotion offers for you and your fans
  • All we ask are for shoutouts, backlinks, and occasional pictures and videos

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s less about how many subscribers and followers you have and more so about whether our brands are a good fit for each other.

That said, we generally consider accounts with over a 1,000 views per video. Consistent growth and regular updates are also key factors we look at.

Our partnership agreement is quite simple really. It is non-exclusive and you can cancel anytime with several days notice.

As long as you want a free or discounted game server, we simply ask that you work with us to help us market our services. Whether that’s a shoutout, a backlink on your website, or a shared post on occasion, it’s largely up to you.

If we have specific expectations or requests, we’ll let you know when you contact us and based upon your specific server requirements.